Joel Palmius, teaching experience


The following are courses I have held or participated in:

My total teaching experience consists of thousands of hours (including the time for preparation and work afterwards, for example grading tests) over a period of 13 years.


My general didactic approach is "learning by doing". I never was one for lots of boring theory: the only way to really understand what it is all about is to get your hands dirty and do it. Thus I have always prefered laborations over lectures. When the teaching landscape have shifted towards distance teaching via web I have formulated courses in the form of a set of practical exercises and specific requirements on what results to achieve rather than trying to post webified lectures.

My colleagues have sometimes frowned at this. One notable example of my practical approach was when I showed the students on the network security laborations how easy it was to read plain text passwords transmitted on the university network and provided them with a set of practical exercises designed to teach them how to do so. This rendered me a cease-and-desist order from the university IT support and generally lots of trouble. The students were very pleased with the course however.


The following are a few quotes from students (my translation from swedish).

Hi Joel!

MIUN got to take care of teachers like you :)

I take other courses at the school due to you, since I was so satisfied with you as teacher and your support.


Have a good day, and please be proud of yourself as a teacher! It isn't the school that gives the knowledge, but the teacher that makes the student love what one does and keep the research in order to acquire the knowledge. Right now I wish you were the responsible for all the courses at the university.

(Note to self: Search email archive for more quotes)